Living in the Moment

Songs of the Morning

Living in the present moment…….

What we lose when we focus on the past or the future is the reality of now, this moment—the only time we truly have. And we are very lucky to have it.

 Early morning with my first cup of coffee, the lush green of the trees over my head, and the beautiful music from the songbirds is a glorious way to begin the day.

 All around me the woods are waking up. The sound around me does not include the annoying city noises, cars or human interruptions. All I hear is the whir of the wings from the ruby-throated humming birds with their iridescent greens and showy red neck as they visit the feeders getting their first drink of the morning.

 The black and white Carolina chickadees are busy flying in and out of the red gourd that has been crafted into a bird house preparing a nest for their new babies, while they keep a watchful eye on my dog as he curiously monitors their activity and sends out a  chica-dee-dee-dee warning.

 All of a sudden my reading is interrupted by a tap, tap, tapping from the downy woodpeckers in their search for breakfast, their red heads bobbing as their tails brace them like a tripod as it clings to the tree contentedly filling their bellies with bugs. Or could it be the yellow-bellied sapsucker. He is way up in the tree making it hard for me to determine which one it is.

 The trees are alive with movement as birds flit from tree to tree, branch to branch sweetly calling out to their friends in search for a spot to nest or food to feed their young.

 The mist filtering down through the trees is like a cloak protecting its creatures from harm while the sun is attempting its announcement as the morning progresses to day.

 The robins with their rusty breasts are busy staking out their territory with heads cocked to one side looking for that juicy worm to feed their young that are waiting and crying back at the nest.

 I sit quietly, patiently, not stirring while I wait for the goldfinch, a perky yellow bird with a black patch on its forehead, and the red-breasted grosbeak, my favorite, to visit my thistle feeders. Maybe it is too early in the season.

 The nuthatch is so amusing to watch as he climbs headfirst down the great maple occasionally grabbing a seed from the feeders, flying off to hack it open on the tree, before returning to the feeder for more.

 Just when I think this show is over and I need to go grab another cup of coffee I become amused by the blaring black eyes of the tufted titmouse as it checks out the feeders full of sunflower seeds, the food of choice for this slate gray bird. I love the tuft on his head which he wears like he is king of the feeders.

 What melodious music to wake up to, the song of the birds. I patiently wait each morning as spring turns to summer only to bring me new, beautifully colored, and migrating song birds.

 I will enjoy this moment, just as it is. I will live in this moment, just as it is.

 I patiently wait! Ah what a glorious morning with my coffee, nature, song of the birds, my dog-Eggo, and me. Living in the moment……..


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